Thursday, 1 September 2016

Narrator: (Paige was in the middle of jazzercise while watching Christopher walkman marathon on her tv she was about to finish when she heard a meow she looked out the window and saw a thin cat-like tail she opened up the window as the cat walked right in without a doubt not even stopping to sniff the surroundings she walked to the kitchen and started meowing)
(She's at the pantry she obviously wanted food)
Paige:“Hello kitty”
Milo: “Meow”
Narrator: (Paige opened the cupboard and tried to find the most cat-like thing in there she finds some jerky bacon she places it strip by strip outside on the deck she shuts the sliding door and gets back to her jazzercise then she hears a meow)
Paige: “oh there's that”
Milo: “Meeeeoooowwww”
Paige: “cat again”