Thursday, 31 March 2016

Caitlan and Caitlyn's Mystery story

the sun is beaming on the sparkly blue ocean my ears fill with the sound of the water splashing onto the hot yellow and gold sand shimmering in the sunlight. As I watch the children run and have fun playing in the warm flat ocean it feels nice to see this again after my son died I haven't really been out much it's just too depressing for me. well, my son was four when he died I still don't know how is just another mystery. If he was still here he would be turning eleven next month. His name was Ben.
I'm still wondering how he died. All I know is that he was four and we were playing at the park I turned for a second to get some cookies and he was gone.

The next couple of days I had a search party looking for him they came back a week later and told me the bad news they found him in a hole at the park we were at.
We had the funeral later that week all our friends and family were there it was very depressing I made a speech but I needed to stop in the middle it's just to inconsolable.

I had six years of therapy and I still felt the same way I realised I was doing the wrong thing I need to find out who did this to him, how and when.
When I had therapy It didn't help all it did was make me sadder about it so I spent the day at the park
I kinda felt good it brings back memories I walk to the place he went missing and sat there and looked at it next thing I know is there's tears filling my eyes and slowly dripping down my face

I get in the car and go to Mum and Dads to talk to them about it.They live five minutes away from me
“I ask them what would you do?”
they reply with quote (sometimes you just have to forget about the person you once love and move on)
“Thanks, Mum you're right” I reply I know I sound like a kid saying that but I need to move on and live a new life it was eleven years ago.

It's the next morning I'm ready to start my new life I'm going into town today and I'm going shopping with some friends. When I get a call for the police to tell me they know who killed Ben they tell me It’s …
I burst into tears like a big baby I tell my friends I need to leave. I rush to my car and drive home where I sit in a corner sobbing I could not believe it was Lucas masters Ben's Dad's uncle he barely knew Ben. After his dad and I divorced he would always try and be a dad figure to Ben after work he would always show up to our apartment and try come in for dinner and breakfast before work. But one day I told him to go away and stay away forever this was about a week before he killed him.

OH man how could I have let something like that happen I should’ve known he was a bad man I remember Hunter telling me to be careful around him. Hunter was Ben’s father's name I'm going to bed now and think about it in the morning.

I wake up the next morning and I'm furious I’m going to find Lucas no matter how long it takes me …

                                                                    Written by Caitlan and Caitlyn