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Caitlan and Caitlyn's Mystery story

the sun is beaming on the sparkly blue ocean my ears fill with the sound of the water splashing onto the hot yellow and gold sand shimmering in the sunlight. As I watch the children run and have fun playing in the warm flat ocean it feels nice to see this again after my son died I haven't really been out much it's just too depressing for me. well, my son was four when he died I still don't know how is just another mystery. If he was still here he would be turning eleven next month. His name was Ben. I'm still wondering how he died. All I know is that he was four and we were playing at the park I turned for a second to get some cookies and he was gone.
The next couple of days I had a search party looking for him they came back a week later and told me the bad news they found him in a hole at the park we were at. We had the funeral later that week all our friends and family were there it was very depressing I made a speech but I needed to stop in the middle it's just t…

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