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Is It Wrong To Fight?

Is it wrong to fight?
The pike river mine explosion happened ages ago, But they are fighting for the recovery of their men that were in the explosion. So they started to protest for the recovery. I think is it alright to fight if you are protesting or fighting for your life, like self-defence or boxing if it is in a boxing of course but if it is an actual fight outside of a boxing ring then that is not. For the pike river mine disaster they are protesting not kicking and punching. They are doing it for the people who were in the pike disaster. The pile of rubble should be removed so that they can figure out how the explosion happened and why I think they already know but just to make sure but because it is just a pile of rubble then I think that the council is too lame to get crofts of Ferguson's out there to shift the rumble. The pike disaster happened in the early year of 2008 but since then they still haven't cleared it out to let the people's families in I think they sh…

Random Object #2


I am the Gadget Guru this week. What is this random gadget?
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