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4J's run reflection 😃

The end of native logging on the West Coast

Teachers Strike Social Studies

Vietnam War

No More Mining On Conservation Land

If they stop mining on conservation land the west coast population will drop because people will have no jobs and will have to find jobs somewhere else. Only 16% of the west coast land in not docs or guardianship land. This does not leave much land left for mining. If they go ahead with the no mining on doc land then the west coast population will drop 30% because there are not enough jobs for the miners to all go to yes they could become farmers but some people don't own much and it does cost heaps to buy land

Bees are dying, can we live without them?

Reading a stuff article ‘Thousands of bees are dying in Murchison.
No-one knows why’ this week I thought to myself:
what is killing these animals and can we live without them?

Hundreds of thousands of bees are dying in Murchison near Nelson,
why is this happening and how can we stop it?
In theory, they think that wasp bait is killing the bees.
An increase in of wasp bait use could be to blame.  

Problem: Bees are dying and no one knows why.
How can we stop these creatures from dying?

In my opinion, I think that bees are very important.
They make honey, they pollinate fruit flowers so we can have
strawberries, raspberries, feijoas, kiwifruit and so much more.
Without bees, there will be a huge shortage of fruit.
That means that the fruit prices will go up and get more expensive
which means that people won't buy fruit because it is so expensive.
If we don’t have fruit then people won’t be very healthy.

We need a solution to this problem.
For a start, we should put more money into res…

Cave Stream

When we got to cave stream I rushed to get changed. After that, I ate my bar and then we started to walk down to the cave. the adrenaline rushed through my body I was so excited. when I first put my feet in the water I couldn't feel it because of how thick my socks were after a bit I could and it was freezing. When we entered the cave it was so cold. On the first corner the ice cold water got deeper and deeper and deeper the more you went around the corner it was above my waist but after the corner, it shallowed out and the rest of it was mostly at my ankles some parts went up to my waist but not as high as the first corner. After a while, we got to a big ledge and all got up and turned our torches off and the teacher told us a true story about a family who were all in jeans and a T-shirt they must have been freezing because I was wearing so many layers. On the first semi-big waterfall Russel was helping most of us up but some people lost footing because the rocks were slippery. I…