Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Writing Sample

I strongly disagree that the referee is always right because we watched a video and it was of the soccer world cup in the 1900’s and the goalie came charging into one of the german on purpose I think and gave them a concussion and the ref said “goalie’s kick” when the german had to be stretchered off. Yes it was a hard decision but he chose the wrong one and another time the referee was standing straight on from the goal and the ball bounced and hit the pole at the top of the goal and bounced out but the referee called it a goal.

Some decisions the referee makes are good ones but some of the are not. My family are big rugby fans the slightest knock on or forward pass they have an opinion straight away and if the referee doesn't call it they will go crazy all the referees do is check the tmo when they don't think it was a try I think they should check everything and if the referee misses something they video proof.

Yes the referees can make bad decisions on some games and they can make some good decisions but after all they are the referee and you can't really argue with that especially if you are playing and you do have to respect the referee

In conclusion i think that the referee can’t always make good decisions, after all, they aren’t perfect and sometimes it is good that they aren’t always correct otherwise there wouldn’t be much game time now would there.

By Caitlan

Thursday, 19 October 2017

David Langes Debate On Going Nuclear Free

“And I am going to give it to you if you just hold breath for a moment I can smell the uranium on it as you lean in” those were David Lange words after the opposition said this  “I would like to know why you don’t pull out of the ansiese alliance” this moment got intense for some people and they started to clap. We have so many ways to generate power instead of using nuclear like Wind, Solar, Water and Wave we don't even need to go there let's move forward. In the recent APEC summit, there was a lot of pressure for NZ and Australia to become nuclear. We don't need this

This is not my opinion I am writing from a different point of view

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Why shouldn't the road from haast to Milford sounds be there

I don't think the road should be put there because it is going to cost the government over 3 million dollars just for the road what about all the signs and plus how long will it take considering they started the new Arthurs pass road like a year ago and they still haven’t finished they are still working on it. Yes Fiordland national park is amazing for tourist and it does take forever to get there but they will have to cut down all the trees to make it and it will probably ruin all Fiordland's scenic area’s and plus when it snow the road will have to be closed because some of it will be near the mountains that snow on them so most of the time it will be closed because it snows a lot down there and is always cold so if it rains the roads might become icy which is not safe

this is not my opinion 😁😁

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

My SMART goals

Caitlan-greenpeace perspective

It's 1985 and I am on the boat rainbow warrior searching for the french who are trying out their nuclear bombs this bad because there testing it in Mururoa atoll which is very close Auckland harbour, but not only new Zealand is harmed by these bombings. Several pacific islands around that area are getting extremely sick from the radiation from the bombs.

A large noise shock us it's their nuclear bombs one has just hit us no the whole boat sinking and fast


The two people who bombed us are now in jail and are sentenced to 10 years


No, I just heard that one of the people are pregnant so she just got out and the other one is apparently being sentenced in France like they will do that

This is not my opinion this is a different point of view

Monday, 16 October 2017

social studys 1

I just want to watch the game of rugby why is that so hard for yous to understand come on it’s 1981 I would yell out the door and all I hear back is “ARRRRGGG” why they are people from hamilton street acorn street I like looking out my window but this time there was a whole lot fighting going on and they are fighting over a rugby match that won't play because there are some people out there that don't want this rugby match to happen but I don't why I think it will be a great match to watch but they disagree there were now over 150,000 people on the streets trying to stop the game cause the protesters really don't like the game there are now police there trying to stop the ginormous mob of people trying to get in and they are trying to stop the fighting TBC...

I am writing from a 1981s perspective

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

My wild Self for term reflection

The reason why I look crazy is because it has been a crazy 😰 term because there was a whole lot going on e.g fighting

  1. What was the best piece of writing that you did this term? Why do you think it is your best?
  2. My boom writer the chapter that I won 
  3. What is your favourite part of the day in our class? Why?
  4. passion project time because that is when the teacher lets us do whatever we are interested in
  5. What is something the teacher could have done to make this term better?
  6. brought us fish and chips at the end of the term
  7. Of the books, you read this term, which was your favourite? Why?
  8. Gangsta granny because there was a granny and the boy thought she was boring and old but then he started to think she was a proper gangsta by the end of the story
thanks for reading  my term 3 reflection 


Friday, 30 June 2017


in class we are learning to demonstrate our programming concepts I have been using Python trinket to make some interesting designs. We have been using code com  bat and using code to get through mazes. I was learning the forever loop on scratch and then the while loop on code com bat. Python is a coding app that you use to make games it was designed for children our age!. it is a really easy coding app

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Cross Country 2017

Yesterday we had cross country . mia was doing really well in then she fell in cow poo and it got on her good tights. it was funny. in my race I came 2nd  Renae came 1st  Bridget and Amy came 3rd equal i think TBC...

Monday, 20 March 2017

Camp 2016 memories

this is a site called get loupe and these are photos from camp
this website is really fun and helps with learning 

Monday, 20 February 2017

Is It Wrong To Fight?

Is it wrong to fight?

The pike river mine explosion happened ages ago, But they are fighting for the recovery of their men that were in the explosion. So they started to protest for the recovery. I think is it alright to fight if you are protesting or fighting for your life, like self-defence or boxing if it is in a boxing of course but if it is an actual fight outside of a boxing ring then that is not. For the pike river mine disaster they are protesting not kicking and punching. They are doing it for the people who were in the pike disaster. The pile of rubble should be removed so that they can figure out how the explosion happened and why I think they already know but just to make sure but because it is just a pile of rubble then I think that the council is too lame to get crofts of Ferguson's out there to shift the rumble. The pike disaster happened in the early year of 2008 but since then they still haven't cleared it out to let the people's families in I think they should because it has been sitting there for ages and has been too lame to recover the bodies trapped inside. I think that they are still too scared to go in after a good 7 years I reckon it should have been cleared out in 2010 surely it was good to go in by then. But no it’s still covered that's so lame could you imagine what the families would feel like. No, because it didn't happen to you so let the people start digging and let the people see the bodies of their loved ones come on council do it  

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Random Object #2


I am the Gadget Guru this week. What is this random gadget?
Good luck!