Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Caitlan And Amy's Peppermint Slice With Toffee On Top


  1. the font on the first page is quite hard to read

  2. the font on the first slide is hard to read but other wise its good.

  3. it looks good but just change the fount on the first paige

  4. hi caitlan

    I like your Idea. on slide three when it says 1/3 cups of cream, I think you could put cup instead of cups.

  5. great recipe guys. might consider making it myself! hope dad doesn't eat it!!!

  6. Hi Caitlan and Amy can the chocolate be white or milk chocolate?. Looks great and yum have you made it? have a good day.

  7. Hi Caitlan, its Sinead.
    I really like your recipe but I do have something that you might need to say. It says that you need 100g of good quality dark eating chocolate atleast 50% cocoa but maybe you should add what brand so we don't get mixed up.

  8. hi lochie here to make this more idiot proof you could probably redo the last step because they would probably freeze it

  9. Hey Caitlan
    I think your recipe looks really YUM.
    Good luck making it


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