Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Why shouldn't the road from haast to Milford sounds be there

I don't think the road should be put there because it is going to cost the government over 3 million dollars just for the road what about all the signs and plus how long will it take considering they started the new Arthurs pass road like a year ago and they still haven’t finished they are still working on it. Yes Fiordland national park is amazing for tourist and it does take forever to get there but they will have to cut down all the trees to make it and it will probably ruin all Fiordland's scenic area’s and plus when it snow the road will have to be closed because some of it will be near the mountains that snow on them so most of the time it will be closed because it snows a lot down there and is always cold so if it rains the roads might become icy which is not safe

this is not my opinion 😁😁

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