Monday, 26 March 2018

Bees are dying, can we live without them?

Reading a stuff article ‘Thousands of bees are dying in Murchison.
No-one knows why’ this week I thought to myself:
what is killing these animals and can we live without them?

Hundreds of thousands of bees are dying in Murchison near Nelson,
why is this happening and how can we stop it?
In theory, they think that wasp bait is killing the bees.
An increase in of wasp bait use could be to blame.  

Problem: Bees are dying and no one knows why.
How can we stop these creatures from dying?

In my opinion, I think that bees are very important.
They make honey, they pollinate fruit flowers so we can have
strawberries, raspberries, feijoas, kiwifruit and so much more.
Without bees, there will be a huge shortage of fruit.
That means that the fruit prices will go up and get more expensive
which means that people won't buy fruit because it is so expensive.
If we don’t have fruit then people won’t be very healthy.

We need a solution to this problem.
For a start, we should put more money into research and find
out what is killing bees, not just a theory of what they
think is killing them.Then we should make a plan on what we
can to do help this situation and stop it from getting worse

In conclusion, I think that we should be doing
more to help the bees from extinction.
Because I don't really think we can live without them because
not many people will be able to buy fruit because it will be so

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  1. Hi Caitlan like your post i agree with you we are dyeing without bees! *by the way this is Ella*


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